Double layer structure is used in box101E, the bottom layer is made of aluminum alloy and top layer is made of stainless steel. Steel. so the deformation caused by overload are effectively reduced .the length of slope is long up to 3.5 meters, so the dynamic accuracy can be less then 1%FS while the vehicle speed is less then 5km/h . With full sealed structure it can meet IP68 standard.

One BX -101F can statically or dynamically measure wheel weight, so double can be parallelly connected to measure axle weight. And the instrument which connected, can calculate the vehicle weight.

rated load :30t non-linearity :0.2%FS recommended voltage:10V
rated output: 1.0±0.1mv/v use temp. range: -30~80°C excitation voltage : 9~15V
repeatability: 0.05%FS Compensated temp. range : -10~50°C net weight :45kg
error on transverse:0.1%FS temp.effect on span:0.03%FS/10°C max load of 1/4 weight bridge:10t full load :30t
zero balance ≤1%FS temp effect on zero:0.05%FS/10°C full load 30t
static comprehensive error:.02~0.5%FS output resistance: 1200± 5 Ohm dimension of the surface :100× 500mm
dynamic comprehensive error
1.0%FS (1~5km/h) /3~5%FS (5~10km/h)
defend grade :IP68 insulation resistance ≥5000m (100VDC)
  ultimate overload :150%FS