APPLE FIXED high precision dynamic weighing system

This system is underground structure; it is specialized in testing overloaded vehicle in highway. it will warn when the overloaded pass then it can control and solve each vehicle overload problems . This system is made of with 8 pieces weighing pads (BX103A) each weighing pad can load 10T, all can load 40T . And each pad is inlayed 4 Pieces laser - sealed load cells, and use hermetical junction box, the defend grade can be lp68. It is easy for use, no special demands for working environment.

40T <3%FS Rated load:40T Zero Balance: <3%FS
<1%FS IP68 static comprehensive error:<1%FS defend grade; 200%FS
<0.5%FS 200%FS Diatropic error : <0.5%FS ultimate overliad:200% 10
1.0mV/V 200±10Ohm Rated Output : 1.0mV/V output resistance 200±10Ohm
<1%FS 0.05%FS/10°C non-linearity:<1%FS Temp. effect on  zero 0.05%FS /10°C
0.05%FS 0.05%FS /10°C repeatarity0.05%FS temp.efffect on  span : 0.05%FS /10°C
±1%FS (5-10km/h)
±10%FS (10-200km/h)
-30~80°C dynamic comprehensive error
< 1%FS(5-10km/h)
< 10%FS (10-200km/h)
use temp .range :-30~80°C
  10V   recommended voltage:10V
  9~15V   excitation voltage: 9-15V
  >3000mOhm   Insulation resistance:>3000mOhm