APPLE In-Motion Weighbridges


Pit less Type In-motion Rail Weighbridge 100MT, operated at Single Phase 230V, 50HZ, Having Microprocessor based Weighing Console visual display unit & Printer.

Technical Specification

Transducers The Transducers will be of Strain gauge directly mounted on the
Rails .We are using an advanced Quad gauge based design which
will improve system accuracy and reliability.
Type of Wagon To be weighed BOBR (Bogie Open Bottom Rapid Discharge type Wagon) and any type of Wagon and Engine could be eliminated.
Weighing Speed:

0 to 15 KMPH.

Max. speed during Non-Weighment No restriction is imposed on the speed during non Weighment
System accuracy ± 0.5% of Weighbridge Capacity. ± 0.2% of the Rake capacity.
Ambient Temp Electronics 10 to 500 C. Track Area 10 to 700 C.
Visual Display It will be Pentium-IV, 533 MHz or latest of reputed make.
Printer 132 Col./24-Pin/Wire Dot Matrix Printer of EPSON/TVSE or any
reputed make
Humidity 0 to 95 % RH non-Condensing.
Power supply Single phase 230 Volts +/- 10%, 50 Hz +/- 0.2 Hz
The System will be Pit less Design
Advance over speed indication will be there in Visual Display unit as well as in Track Area.
Surge arrester is provided at the input side of the Electronics as well as we have incorporated a very sensitive ZENER DIODE inside the Sensor to protect the same.

System Description Rail mounted Transducers and Microprocessor based Wagon Weighing system.
Weighbridge Capacity 100 MT.
Transducers Transducers will be preferably mounted on the Rails.
System Electronics Microprocessor based Weighing Console, Modular Construction with solid state integrated circuits, the System will have In-built self-Check Auto Zero, Auto Gain facility.
Wagon Detection Set of Track switches to detect the instance of the Axles to the top of the Weigh Rail
Loco Elimination The System will automatically eliminate the Weight of Locos.
Anti Roll Back The Anti Roll Back facility is there to sense the reverse movement of Wagon so that it does not affect the orderly recording of Weights of each Wagon in the rake to prevent multiple Weighing of the same Wagon.
Time & Date The System will have a real Time Clock and a facility to print out Time & Date automatically.
PC & Visual Display unit Provision is there to connect to an IBM Compatible PC AT with Keyboard, the CRT Display of PC –AT will give a visual indication of the Process Information for ultimate print out. Provision for manual Entry facility of the Wagon Number, Tare Weight, type of Wagon etc. will be there through the Keyboard , Mouse with Pad to be supplied.
Increment 20 Kg.
Site Conditions 1.Site should be leveled up to 50 Meters Either side, i.e.1/300.
2.Track available for 50 Meters on the either side.
3.Concrete Sleeper should be available at least 15 meters     on either side
Print Out format To Print Date, Time, Wagon Sequence Number, and Coal supplied from, Rake Number, Wagon speed Gross Weight,Tare Weight, Net Weight etc. It will furnish total Coal received Daily, Monthly & Yearly On Demand. As we have vast experience in the Coal Sector therefore the convenient system in this regard will provide you extra weightage.
Software� Requirement 1.Software will be supplied in hard Disk with Back up CD.
2.Provision for software inaccessibility is provided
3.Windows-98/Latest with Media & License will be supplied
Bi-directional Weighing System is capable of Weighing in both Directions during calibration.
The Necessary changes will be made on the software to disable the data transmission during the course of warm up time. The Warm up time is programmable
Durability of the instrument i.e. its performance characteristics is 10 to15 years
The instrument is equipped with a semi automatic or automatic zero setting device
Our most advanced SLA-INM-P-DS 505 System has unique digital calibration. Where you can calibrate the system to 0% error. The calibration parameters are stored in EE-PROM & the Data retention could be at least 10 years. The Calibration could not access because data are protected with the Multi Level Password.

Advantages Of Our System Over Others

  • We, Senlogic Automation (P) Ltd., are managed by high profile, dynamic team of Engineers having very vast experience in the field of Weighing for a quite long time. Our R&D Engineers have made the In-Motion Weighing System SLA-INM-RM-DS 505 as a unique product among systems available in world.
  • It is based upon Nuro Logic & multi-processor based system to get the maximum use out of it. The multi-processor based design allows the system to be more reliable, accurate & stable.


  • High Speed, Embedded Controllers
  • Multi Processor,“NURO LOGIC”
  • Integrated Peripherals. Inbuilt facility.
  • Dual RS232/RS485 communication
  • In built parallel printer interface to connect any printer directly to print the Weighment details, which is not available from any of our competitors
  • In built memory storage for 24 Rakes and recall facility to print the Rake information whenever required. This is also a unique facility not available from any of the competitors.
  • Vast self-diagnostic facility.
  • Automatic wagon, Engine deduction
  • Direct replacement to the system manufactured by other companies
  • Y2K OK RTC with 10 years data backup through in built Batteries
  • High Precision 24 Bit internal A/D resolution 100KS/C parallel A/D with in built reference and self-calibration facility.
  • 4000 sample per wheel Weighment
  • DOS & Windows based PC software for the huge data management. (We have very vast experience in the Coal, Cement, & Power Industries .The software is designed to meet most of our customer�s requirement. Further Software field could be re-programmable according to your requirement).
  • The SLA-INM-P-DS 505 is most reliable, accurate and durable system.


  • We have supplied number of systems to the corporate companies in India. The systems are working trouble-free, even in hostile conditions where dust & poor power supply exists.
  • A few Purchase Order copies are being attached with this offer, which will lime light our capabilities & work experience with the In-Motion Systems. So we hope that our System will be highly suitable for your application/s.

After Sales Services

  • We are the only company who provides sales and service, even for the THIRD PARTY product.
  • Our total revenue on the third party AMC is around 2.0 Crores. So we needless to say about our service back-up.

Advantages Of Our Sensors

  • Quad gauge based design to improve the total MV/V out put and to reduce SNR.
  • In built surge and lighting
  • Well built and maintenance free.
  • Weather proof design