Rope Tension 9130510

Description : This is used in industrial applications where the tension in wire rope needs to be carefully and continuously monitored. The load cell is very conveniently placed in parallel with the rope without disturbing the rope�s existing condition. price of capacity upto 500kg

Bending Beam 9150210_9150310

Description : 9150210/9150310 is miniature round bending beam load cell. This is available in two different sizes to meet vide industrial requirements. It is hermetically sealed with S.S. bellow for IP68 protection class. price of capacity upto 500kg

Universal Pancake 9190610_T

Description : 9190610-T pancake universal load cells are suitable for weigh bridge,tank and hopper weighing applications. This is constructed from heat treated stainless steel suitable for harsh and hygenic industrial applications. It is hermetically sealed and it has long life. Extremely suitable for tank,silos level monitoring. 190610-T is available with integral thread. price of capacity upto 500kg

Torque Transduser TTS

Description : This is used in industrial and research applications where torque is to be measured accurately. It is easily fitted to the test batch with the help of suitable A-key way. Flange mounted version available. Dimensional variations can be designed on request to suit customer's specific requirements and applications. Suitable for clock wise and anti-clock wise directions.price of capacity upto 500kg

Tension Sensing Block TSB

Description : Strain gage based design, Temperature compensated, Provided with over load protection, Can be installed easily, Suitable for fitting plummer block with bearing.