APPLE Precision Weighing Scale

Manufactures a large variety of Precision weighing scales for Jwellery and Laboratory ranging in different weights. The scales are perfectly graduated for perfect result.


  • It has advance micro-controller card with high level of integration used for reducing the component count provides high stability and repeatability.
  • International quality load cell OIML standard is used to ensure accurate weighment, to work in all industrial environments with 150% over load protection.
  • The display is bright red LED which is not a strain to the eyes.
  • The key board is dust proof and water resistant.The dome type keys give tactile feedback to operate confirming key actuation to eliminate human error.
  • Easy to understand and operate. Do not require any skilled or trained labour.

Available In the Following Range

Technical Specification - Laboratory(AL)
Model No. Capacity Accuracy Platform Size
AL-01 200g. 10mg. 100mm dia
AL-02 300g. 10mg. 100mm dia
AL-03 500g. 10mg. 100mm dia
AL-04 30 kg. 1g. 250 x 300
AL-05 50g. 0.001g.(1mg.) 20mm dia
AL-06 100g. 0.001g.(1mg.) 20mm dia
AL-07 200g. 0.001g.(1mg.) 50mm dia
AL-08 1000g. 10mg. 175 x 225
AL-09 2000g. 10mg 175 x 225
Technical Specification - Jwellery (AJ)
Model No. Capacity Accuracy Platform Size
AJ-01 55g. 5mg 100mm dia
AJ-02 110g. 10mg 100mm dia
AJ-03 220g. 20mg. 100mm dia
AJ-04 550g. 50mg. 250 x 300
AJ-05 1100g. 100mg. 175 x 225
AJ-06 2200g. 200mg. 175 x 225